Friday, May 17, 2013

Kermit remembers

Yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of Jim Henson's death. My first memories of television are of watching Sesame Street. Watching the show religiously made me a fan of Henson for life. As a tribute on the anniversary, Ricky Gervais tweeted a photo of Kermit the Frog poignantly touching a photo of Jim and the world's most famous frog together. I searched Google images and found the story of the photo. I managed nearly an hour of procrastination doing some Jim and Kermit surfing tonight. I have to admit that the Muppet Show always annoyed me a bit. I think that I was just a little too old, which created an urgency to distance myself from everything Muppet--even though I still watched nearly every episode of the television show. At the height of the Muppet's' popularity, I don't think that I knew a single person who didn't know who Kermit the Frog was, and a decent amount about him. Young, old, rich, poor, everyone knew the frog.

The image instantly makes me think of my children and want to go hug them. Henson seems so obviously Kermit's father, that the emotion is as powerful as if there were an actual little boy touching a picture of his father.

Photo taken by Kevin Williams and Lin Workman.
My quest continued to Wikipedia and this illustration drawn by Disney artists Joe Lanzisero and Tim Kirk, which appeared in the Summer 1990 issue of WD Eye — Walt Disney Imagineering’s employee magazine.

I have to remind myself that Kermit is a Muppet, to avoid feeling really sad for the little guy. I also need to remind myself to play with my own little muppets a lot more often. 

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  1. you should check out the song "a boy and his frog" if you want a real tear-jerking tribute