Sunday, April 21, 2013

To all of this ugliness, we must put an end...

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When I moved to the Philippines in 2007, I intended to travel the world for the rest of my life. Then came 2 kids, which changed the game a bit. I knew that I didn't want my kids to grow up in an environment that was so in-your-face corrupt. I also wanted them to go to school here in the U.S., because, despite what you hear endlessly, the vast majority of our schools are doing a great job.

When I left in 2007, Bush and Darth Vader still held the White House. I couldn't imagine that things could get any worse.  Most of us hold multiple passports (Alexa has 3!), so we could have gone a lot of places. Even with the sad state of politics (and many other things) I still knew that of all of the places in the world we could go, that America was the place that I wanted my children to grow up. Then I returned in 2011 and everyone else followed a year ago this month.

I'm still in shock over how much the country changed in those 4 years. Everyone hates each other so much that they don't seem to mind what asses the politicians that they support have become. If there was ever a time to pause, self reflect, and adjust, now is it. I'm convinced that until we're collectively ready to criticize our own team, nothing will get better. I'll start. Our current administration is even worse than Bush. How is that possible? The other side? They're almost a parody of a parody of themselves at this point.

The easy thing to do would be to pack up and leave again. But, we're not going to leave. I'm going to teach my children to fight and hopefully they'll be part of the generation that changes course. The chance of my generation, or any before it, making a change now is nil. We're like little children, so easily distracted by shiny baubles that we don't notice anything else.

Before they started putting out made-for-prom songs in the 80s, REO Speedwagon put out some great material. One of my favorites is "Golden Country," which speaks to the mess that we find ourselves in now.

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